Mid-Week Huddle

Mid-week Huddle is a time when we gather to grow, serve and fellowship together. This gathering time is not just for children or teens. We believe that it is important for families to grow together spiritually, and provide a mid-week experience where that can happen. All ages in the church, and all stages of life, are encouraged to come on Wednesday night from 6-7pm and spend time together. So families can grow together spiritually, younger people can learn from the wisdom of the aged, and the older attendees are encouraged by the wonder of the child. Mid-week Huddle begins every fall, and runs through the end of the spring. Once a month we have a meal and learn together in a large group. Two times a month we divide up into smaller groups to grow with peers. And on the other Wednesdays, we gather together to serve others, fellowship, or spend time in prayer.