What We Believe

New Life is a church where people are encouraged to know God and grow in their love for Him. We believe that He has given us His Word the Bible, as a Holy book, to show us how to know Him, love Him, live for Him and love others.

We also believe that Jesus the Son of God, was a person who lived a perfect life, died, and rose again. That Jesus loves all people and asks them to come to Him for forgiveness, to love Him, and to follow Him. What He taught, the model He set, and the sacrifice He made for us, is necessary for a person to have a relationship with God.

Whether someone attends New Life or not, our desire is for all people to believe in the person of Jesus and submit to His leadership in their lives, making Him their Savior. That can be done at anytime or anyplace through a simple confession to God. Admitting one is a sinner who needs God’s forgiveness. Believing that Jesus not only offers that forgiveness, but has paid the price for sin by dying for us. Declaring to God that you want to know Him and walk with Him, and have Jesus His Son in your life as the one who saves and guides. This confession not only begins a new life for a person as a believer, but continues as God’s Spirit teaches, guides, convicts, and leads. God’s Spirit also gives one a hope of a future eternal life with God. If you have not asked Jesus to come into your life, we pray that would do that even now.

We are similar to other churches in that we share the same essential Christian beliefs, including agreement with the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed – historical Christian statements of faith. We also have some beliefs that are distinct to our church. Within our denomination, we have both a statement of faith and a “Declaration of Principles” that summarizes our beliefs.

New Life Community Advent Christian Church is a member of a larger group of churches that form the Advent Christian General Conference. Our denomination is a member of global group of churches that make of the National Association of Evangelicals.