A part of the mission and vision of New Life Church is to impact our community and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While we understand that believers are called to be holy and set apart from the world, we also understand that we have directives in scripture to be in the world, to be salt and light, and to be Jesus’ witnesses. Therefore, we are committed to reaching out to people in our families, our workplaces, and our neighborhoods with the love of Jesus Christ.
Throughout the year, New Life intentionally plans and participates in activities that will help us to achieve this. The following are some of the outreach events that our church has planned or participated in:


Evangelistic Services

Easter Pancake breakfast and service

Christmas eve Service

Strength Team Evangelistic Services

Impact Class at New Life


Service opportunities

Back pack school supply  giveaway

Helping with Habitat for Humanity

Partner with Baraboo “Mission Gatherers” to provide food to needy families


Fun events

Collector’s showcase

Children’s carnival

Mother / Daughter banquet